Many of you may know, or have heard of, this book written by Kirsten Albrecht Llamas. Kirsten Albrecht Llamas received a master’s degree in tropical botany from the University of Miami and developed the first human cytogenetics laboratory in South Florida. She is a longtime member of the Tropical Flowering Tree Society and has provided numerous plant identification updates to The Kampong garden (at the National Tropical Botanic Garden) and to the Fairchild Tropical Garden. Her lifelong avocation has been photography, with an emphasis on nature, culminating in a photo collection of flowering tropical plants and the publication of this book. Her extraordinary photographs have won many awards.

Click on the photo to view Kirsten’s Facebook page for wonderful discussion and identification of unknown flowering plants of the world. You must be invited to join the group so send Kirsten a private message and have her add you to the group.

Click on this link to be taken to her Facebook personal page to send her a message requesting to be added to the group.

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